Pacific Coast of Mexico

Lorena affirms that “Every good trip to Mexico begins or ends at the beach.. . and the best trips do both.” The Pacific Coast is cheaper than the Yucatan, and has its fair share of offbeat fishing villages and beach towns. Although mammoth private resorts have swallowed up many of our favorite Pacific haunts, the fabulous 2,000 mile coastline still has some gems.

In recent years, Cancun has siphoned so many beach vacationers that former Pacific hot spots such as Mazatlan, Manzanillo, and Acapulco have become somewhat run-down and thus, Churpa claims, more interesting to your average People’s Guide reader. “As soon as the money begins to disappear, little distinctly Mexican details start creeping back,” she says, “and eventually the big old resort towns start to lose their generic feel. Just keep a wide berth from Seńor Frog’s.”

(The above passage is a sneak preview of the 14th edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico.)