Baja Quick & Cheap?

Here’s a question from Whitney that you might like to comment on:

Just recently discovered that I can get to San Diego rather cheaply. I’m looking at meeting my 67-year-old mom there, then heading to Baja for a few days of R&R. I’ve traveled Mexico before (with People’s Guide in hand!), but not Baja. What affordable, easy-to-get-to locations do you suggest I look into? She has arthritis and can’t tolerate really long bus rides, but is otherwise very active and would be game for swimming, snorkeling, etc. Of course we’re on a budget, but aren’t really interested in camping.

Thanks! Whitney

And here’s my own reply:

You don’t mention when you intend to travel but assuming it is this winter or even in the Spring, I’m afraid you’re not going to find warm water for snorkeling and swimming. Also, with just a few days of R&R I’d say that you’ll be limited to the northernmost portion of Baja, which means Ensenada or on the Gulf side, San Felipe.

If what you’re looking for is a more Mexican experience, I suggest that you consider going farther down the mainland to San Carlos or Guaymas.

For details on actual accomodations you’re going to have to participate in online message forums (see the For More Info chapter of our book, The People’s Guide To Mexico ) or do some Googling. I don’t track that kind of information myself, as it takes a huge amount of time and is constantly changing.

Carl Franz

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  1. Robert Nelson says:

    Hey, Whitney! San Diego is only a 4-5 hr, spectacular drive from San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez. This is my 13th yr of living here and every year I love it more. The water is not as clear nor as warm as it is way down south but it is warm enough that I spend hours in these waters up to my armpits fishing! San Felipe was once a ‘sleepy fishing village’ but now boasts a population of 19000 and just enough night life to keep one interested. It is still basically a fishing village with tourism as a sideline and the people are friendly and warm. You need no special permits to come to San Felipe for a few days and there is lots to see…beautiful sandy beaches, a view of the highest mountain in the Baja [over 10,000′] the valley of the giants [huge Cardon Cacti] and of course San Felipe has the tastiest shrimp ever. Don’t forget to take some home!

    Robert Nelson [Canadian]