Baja Hit by Worst Hurricane to Date

Faithful PG correspondent El Codo is hunkered down in a baja shack and has been sending us a play-by-play of the hurricane, which is considered the worst to hit the area in recorded history.  According to the National Hurricane Center, the hurricane hit Cabo San Lucas at 10:45 last night, with sustained gusts of 125 mph.

hurricane odileCodo emailed us half an hour ago with this image and the following: “Looks like the Sierra la Laguna, the 7000 ft mountains north of San Lucas, ripped the shorts off of Odile. Means all the bridges on Mex 19 and Mex 1 are going to go bye bye once again. Cabo San Loco is going to be isolated. The ISP for me is in La Paz and it can go ‘boink’ at any time. I am to the north. Way the —- out on the Vizcaino peninsula. Gobernacion just sent the cops around, alerta para huruacan. We are in the bullseye of this POS. Meteorologists are slobbering ‘Worst one on record!’ Wadda they know? Where were they in 1964 when we got whacked? That being said, I can now go cower in the corner and quiver.”

Codo’s update from the Vizcaino peninsula: 11: 22 PST

“Wind now 50-60 miles per hour and the eye of the hurricane is still 120 miles to the south. Slamming wind gusts. Hope this is just a cell in a rain band. Loreto, Sta Rosalia, Constitucion, and points south are without power. La Paz has a huge CFE power generating facility and our link to ISP is via microwave. Our power comes from an 11 megawatt power facility 72 miles away, same for our water.”