Noticias 5/22/2013

La Migra – The Senate Judiciary Committee passed the so-called Gang-of-Eight’s immigration reform bill 13-5, which includes a path to citizenship. After surviving a flurry of amendments intended to water the bill down, the bill now goes to the Senate floor where Republican Senators face the choice of angering their base or further alienating Hispanic voters. An immigration bill is also expected to be introduced to the House of Representatives in June. Negocios – Nestle has opened a 130 million […]

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Noticias 5/16/2013

El Volcán – Popocatépetl, a volcano located about 55 kilometers from Mexico City, is erupting, prompting officials to restrict access in the area and to prepare for evacuations. We camped within view of Popo in calmer times on our trip. Extraño – The grandson of Malcolm X, Malcolm Shabazz, was beaten to death in a Mexico City nightclub. Two waiters at the nightclub have been arrested for allegedly assaulting Shabazz and a friend when the two refused to pay a 15,000 peso tab […]

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The Return of Noticias

  It’s been awhile, but I’m gonna start cranking these out again . . . at lest that’s what I’m telling myself. Policias – The governor of the state of Mexico has ordered 12 municipalities around Mexico City to stop issuing traffic tickets until they comply with a law passed last year that prohibits male traffic cops from issuing traffic tickets in that state.  Some are skeptical it will have the intended effect of reducing corruption in the long term, […]

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In Search of the Oaxaca Trailer Park

Downtown Oaxaca, Mexico

“I think go left here,” Churpa said, so I quickly pulled Miss Louisiane into the left lane in front of a little blue Vocho that honked as it then changed lanes and zipped past us on the right. In Mexico, you have to make your moves without hesitation or you’ll never make them at all. “I can’t go left. It’s one way.” I said as we approached the intersection. “Then go right,” she replied, as the right lane filled with […]

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Feliz Dia de Super Bowl

“I don’t have a horse in this race, so I really don’t care if I miss it,” I said, figuring we’d take in a museum or visit one of the beautiful churches here in Oaxaca rather than sit in some cantina watching the garish spectacle to be beamed out to the world from New Orleans. “We have to watch the Super Bowl!” both Churpa and Gina exclaimed. As the only actual football fan among the three of us, I was […]

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La Noche de los Mariachis

When Churpa and I walked into the bar at the Hotel Isabel, the only available seating was at a table in the corner. The bar itself was fully occupied by Mexican businessmen nursing Cuba Libres; their ties loosened with their tongues and their coats slung across the backs of their chairs. Hearty pats on the back and deep, raucous laughter made me regret not practicing more Spanish in the three years since my last visit to Mexico. Churpa’s grin at […]

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Ex Hacienda Los Remedios

A hot spring in the Mexican desert.

After being held up by snow in the pass the night before, we were several hours behind.  Sundown was approaching and we decided it was time to start looking for a place to stay.  Zacatecas would have to wait another day. “Too bad everything is fenced off,” Churpa mused, “Or we could take one of these side roads into the desert and find a spot to camp.” “Or maybe we could find a cheap motel in one of these little […]

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Road Food: The Railroad Station Bar and Grill

A hamburger with pile of fries.

“Yes! Parking right in front!” Churpa exclaimed as I pulled Chuey alongside the curb in front of The Bluebird Cafe in Ukiah, California.  At this point, we were already at risk of one or both of us descending into a hypoglycemic fit, but being extremely picky (and also creatures of habit), we held out for a place we knew served good food and beer on tap. To our dismay, The Bluebird was closed.  We sat in the van for a […]

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The Obama Administration has instituted a policy that will make a deportation waiver and two-year work permit available to certain undocumented Americans ages 16-30 who are in school, have a high school or equivalent diploma, or have served in the military.  According to the Christian Science Monitor as many as 800,000 undocumented teenagers and young adults, who are in reality more Estadounidense than Mexicano, might be spared the fate of struggling to get by in an unfamiliar language and culture […]

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