Friday at the Tienda

people's guide to mexico

Loyal People’s Guide correspondent El Codo with a taste of life in Baja… This is where I spend the days connected by modem. Visiting Eduardo, and chatting with locals. Can’t remember the last time I spoke ingles. Must be several months now. Jeez, was it before New Year’s? It might have been last summer. Hablo ingles en los estados unidos, pero aqui solo idioma espaňol. Eduardo’s kids asked me to participate in their pogo stick contest. 193 is the record so far. […]

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Safe to Caravan Through Sinaloa?

reader writes: Hi there, We are planning a trip as a caravan to Navidad Mx. I’ve never driven past Monchis before. I am a little uneasy with all I have herd of driving into Sinaloa. We would leave from Nogales to Navidad. Any advice? Thank you, TLG Churpa answers: I drive this route nearly every year, and have never had any problems. Don’t drive at night, use common sense, pay attention, and try not to exude an attitude of fear. […]

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The Real Deal With the Dollar/Peso Exchange Rate

A Mexican peso coin from 1982.

With the Mexican peso over 15 to 1, the U.S. dollar purchases 18% more pesos today than it did a year and a half ago. In theory, this means a person should be able to purchase 18% more today than they did back then. In the sixties and the seventies that would have been true, but not today. Today merchants and hotel owners have cellular phones with WiFi access, and in a matter of minutes they can access the official […]

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Stop the Itch: The Secret for Treating No-see-um Bites

Winter months are the season for no-see-um’s, or jejenes. Jejenes love brackish water and  thrive where lagoons and streams empty into the ocean. At sundown, Jejenes start their hunt for exposed flesh. Rains and extra high tides create breeding pools, or “charcos.” Within three days there will be a large hatch of hungry Jejenes. I chicken out and flee before they hatch.  DEET plus Pennyroyal Oil is an effective deterrent. THE ITCH. Pure agony lasting several days. The single treatment […]

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Current LPG Butane Prices in Baja

Price for LPG can vary several  US cents per liter depending upon the state. Baja California Sur is one of the higher priced areas. In other gas-related news, the Mexican government has frozen the price of gasoline,  diesel, and LPG for the rest of 2015.

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

A cigarette card showing hurricane warning flags.

I am writing these notes after passage of a bad hurricane. We have been without services for a week and it looks like basic survival mode is going to last a lot longer. Note: Please bear in mind the ideas and suggestions listed in this article have nothing whatsoever to do with the most important issue – personal safety. Hurricane personal safety has been discussed in other articles and is, of course, far more important than comfort or convenience. But […]

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From the Eye of the Hurricane

Vintage image of man in tux in hammock with a cocktail.

editor’s note: Loyal PG correspondent El Codo is hunkered down in a shack on the coast of baja, facing the worst of Hurricane Odile. Reporting live… Hurricanes are not tropical adventures where people in pith helmets sit in a fern decorated tropical bar while ceiling fans slowly revolve. “I say old sod, another gin & tonic, and you’d better mop by the door. Now as I was saying about the issue with the porters and the taboo…” The bar would […]

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Mexico's "Crown Jewel" Toll Road Opens

The headline title is amped-up for a good reason – the new Mex 40-D certainly could be a contender as “The Eighth Wonder Of The World.” Carving and spanning it’s way through mountains and across deep gorges of the southern Copper Canyon, the highway is considered a marvel by engineers all over the globe. More than a hundred tunnels and bridges were necessary in its construction and the Baluarte Bridge roadway is suspended more than a quarter-mile above the canyon […]

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The People's Guide to Why Your Car Won't Start

Steve Rogers and Carl Franz wearing sombreros.

editor’s note: El Codo is a retired lead acid battery design engineer and battery performance tester You don’t need any tools or mechanical “savvy” to do this diagnostic. Print this page out. Fold it, and stick inside the glove box. If you turn the key and your car plays possum, calmly sit back and breeze through this diagnostic checklist. Let’s Diagnose! If you turn the key and the starter motor whirrs but does not start the engine, it means the […]

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More on the Hidden Perks of the Mexican Bus System

I found myself alone around noon on a 1st class bus just north of Mazatlan. I watched with curiosity as the “ayudante,” the driver’s helper, worked his way back to my seat midway down the length of the vehicle. “¿You speak Spanish?” I replied to the affirmative. “¿Do you like pollo al carbon estilo Sinaloense?” Yes of course I love charcoal grilled chicken. Why the questions, I wondered? “Si!” Me gusta pollo al carbon estilo Sinaloense.” Without another word the […]

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