Ask Codo: Can you find Percocet and Oxycontin in Mexico?

One of the strangest drug policies in México is the almost total lack of “Opioid” type analgesic pain relievers. A check of Mexico’s pharmaceutical manufacturing lists reveals several Mexican owned and sub-licensed foreign firms do indeed produce narcotic drugs for prescription sales – but not for sale in México. Despite Mexico’s reputation as an easy place to buy pharmaceuticals, opioid pain relievers are as hard to get in México as weapons grade uranium is in the United States. Rumor has […]

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Good Brands of Dog Food in Mexico? A Glossary of Terms

Carl and Lorena’s beloved Poco A reader writes: Hello Carl Could you please provide me with the names of some of the better quality dog foods. I can’t read Spanish (yet) Thanks Lois editor’s note: Carl is lurking in his northern lair, so I turned to PG correspondent El Codo for some investigative reporting. El Codo: Northern Mexico, the Baja California peninsula, and larger cities are more prosperous and a person is more likely to find expensive dogs, and therefore […]

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El Codo's Tricks for Bug-free Camping

Insects have their place in nature, but that doesn’t mean I want to act as their source protein. The school of hard knocks has allowed me to accumulate some tricks that may be of interest to fellow travelers. ANTS Few insects are more resistant to sprays and baits than are ants and poison is not cool. There is a better way, it’s not bad for you or the environment. But the “better way” must be purchased in the US and […]

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Wotta ride this will be…

A bridge spans an amazingly deep canyon.

(if we can afford the cuotas)   The Baluarte Bridge, which crosses a canyon deep enough to fit the Chrysler building. As the Associated Press reports, the long-awaited Durango-Mazatlan Highway is slated to be complete this August.  

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El Codo's Tips for "Luxing Up" a Camping Van or Crappy Hotel Room

editor’s note: These are not paid product endorsements, but rather el Codo’s rigorously tested honest (and typically detailed) recommendations, born from trial-and-error and many uncomfortable nights and agonizing battles with sub par equipment. Know that if el Codo (aka “the cheakpskate”) says something is “worth the money,” it’s worth the freaking money. Exploring Mexico is no less fun today than it was almost fifty years ago, but somehow my income has not kept pace with inflation. Squeezing all the miles […]

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Best of Mexico in Pictures: Pescado at Last!

A plate of fried snapper.

Fresh pargo, estilo Roberto                                                                             El Rebalsito, Jalisco Pargo with Bette’s awesome salad                                                               El Rebalsito, Jalisco A new take on an old haunt                                                                         Playa La Boca, Jalisco

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Best of Mexico in Pictures: Hierve el Agua

Mineral formations at hierve el agua, warm pools in Oaxaca.

editor’s note: Gina’s pictures are from our expedition to Hierve el Agua, part of an action packed day wherein we visited the ruins of Mitla and the mineral springs pictured below, as well as several mezcal distilleries. Hierve el Agua is located about 70 k east of Oaxaca, past Mitla. You will pay a nominal “road upkeep fee” to the local ejido, as well as a 20 peso entry fee (per person) to the actual site. Once there, you can […]

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Best of Mexico: Pictures

Sunset sky in Oaxaca, Mexico.

editor’s note: People’s Guide to Mexico contributor Gina Dilello is a Utah-based photographer and filmmaker. This is her fourth trip to Mexico. Atlixco, Puebla Churpa and Rich     Oaxaca, Oaxaca                                                                                  Oaxaca Trailer Park    Oaxaca, Oaxaca Oaxaca Trailer Park     Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mitla, Oaxaca  

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Mexico Keeps the Twinkie Alive?

A pile of twinkies.

Groupo Bimbo tendered a serious offer to purchase liquidated Hostess brands, makers of the Yuppie icon, Twinkie. Bimbo would make an ideal marriage partner for the marque as Mexico has seeming inexhaustible supplies of petroleum crude oil.

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