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A reader writes:

Hello…we need help! My husband and I are heading out for a 4 month stay in La Paz, B.C. Sur. We leave Atlanta, GA on Jan.1st driving with our 2 dogs and cat. Any advice on the safest driving route once we cross into Mexico? Our plan is to enter Mexico through El Paso and drive to the Baja Ferry…Topolobampo terminal, Los Mochis.
Thanks, Karen

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  1. David Eidell says:

    You might want to take a look at proceeding to Tecate and then starting your trip at Ensenada. The Baja peninsula is beautiful and you will pass by attractions that will be difficult to leave.

    Your other option is not so easy because the most pragmatic route across Mexico is via Chihuahua, ciudad cuauhtemoc and over to Hermosillo — I don’t think that this is the safest route these days. From Hermosillo you´d go south to Los Mochis then cut over to Topolobampo and spend a couple hundred dollars on the ferry to La Paz. Yet another option via the ferry is to head down to Guaymas and then take the ferry to Sta Rosalia.
    Hope This Helps!

  2. "Cabo Bob" says:

    You could enter at Mexicali and drive over to Ensenada, but it’s not a very scenic trip. Tecate to Ensenada very definitely is, old Haciendas, the Russian colony (and vineyards/wine tastings in Valle de Guadalupe), some lovely country.
    If you wanted to cross over to Mexico sooner, you could do it south from Phoenix, or at several crossings along the way, but the highways parallel to the border aren’t much fun and you get tired of getting stopped at military checkpoints over and over.

    If you drive in through Chihuahua, you could continue to Mazatlan, instead of Mochis and enjoy a very nice beach resort, then take the ferry right to La Paz.