Armchair Travel: Best of the Visual Internets

Women at Cabaret Kursal in Havana, circa 1950

Women at Cabaret Kursal in Havana, circa 1950. Photo from Retronaut.



Games up. It’s official. I’ve surveyed my budget, checked it twice, counted my pennies, and gnashed my teeth. No Mexico for me this year. This will be the sixth winter in my life that I have been reduced to languishing in the Pacific Northwest. I know I shouldn’t complain. But writing and editing for a Mexico travel site is a particularly tortuous way to spend the winter when one is addicted to real travel. Since I’m not allowed to put Mexico out of my mind, I guess it’s time to engage in some hardcore armchair travel. Here’s some favorites:

Retronaut has an amazing collection of photos of pre-Castro Havana.

I love Keith Dannemiller’s shots of Mexico City.

Lithograph of Mexico fountain

La fuente del salto del agua. From Mexico y sus alrededores.

Speaking of Mexico City, one of my favorite books of lithographs, México y sus alrededores, can be viewed online at the New York Public Library’s digital gallery.

Arrestedmotion published an awesome series on Mexico City street art. Part I. Part II.

I have become addicted to watching/listening to narcocorridos on YouTube. Chalino Sanchez! Yes.

Or I can always take a walk down memory lane with the fantastic Jenny Hannah Roche.


photo by Jenny Hannah Roche



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  1. Tina Rosa says:

    Boo hoo! No Mexico encounter/reunions on our calendar!
    But am impressed you’ve only missed 6 Mexico winters! Is that including Thailand?