Acapulco Parking and Safety


Mexican Highway 200 with Mexican road sign that says "Guerrero"A few more Acapulco questions from a reader…

1. We’d like to stroll down the main coast in the actual bay of Acapulco to absorb the true beauty of this place. Where can you park your car? I see lots of yellow marks on the curbs along the main road and also on the side streets, but I also see cars parked there.
2. Is it safe to walk in Zocalo during daytime, visit the church and go to la Quebrada?

Churpa replies: I am not really the person to ask, as Acapulco is not my stomping grounds. I have no idea about the parking. I’m guessing yes, more or less, to question 2, but that’s just a hunch. Any Acapulco people out there who want to weigh in?