About Mazatlan?

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What a wonderful service you provide!

I am seriously thinking about retiring in Mazatlan. Your articles appear to have been written in 2003. If this is the case, do you have any new costs or information about Mazatlan. Thank you in advance.

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Glenn Fly, Grants Pass, OR

Carl’s reply:

Glenn, I can’t tell from your email if you’ve seen my Talk About Mexico blog yet, or if you found us via our book or main People’s Guide To Mexico website. I’m doing my best to respond to email questions about Mexico from the Talk About Mexico blog, so that others can add their advice and personal experience.  Mazatlan is a frequent topic, for example, and we are fortunate to have the participation of Art Jones, a Mazatlan resident and long-time contributor to our discussions.

So, my advice is that you register on the blog and join the conversation there about Mazatlan.

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  1. El Codo says:

    Consider staying a month in low season; September would be fine. It’s going to be warm, humid, and subject to rain. If you complete 30 days and love it then you’ve a good chance that you’ll do fine. All the low rent, good restaurants, palms trees and beach in the world won’t do you a bit of good if the “off season” weather proves to be overwhelming to you.

  2. Art Jones says:

    Hey Glenn , the cost of living in Mazatlan is what you choose it to be. You’ll hear thiis over and over cause it’s true. You can rent a pleasant enough 2 bd 1 ba home or apt in a workin class barrio a dozen blocks from the beach for 2 or 3 hundred bucks a month or you can purchase a condo at the Marina for a few hundred thousand . Anything and everything in between. If you are happy with local products you can eat economicly and well for cheap. If you need imported products you may pay considerably more than you would in the states or Canada.It’s all in “The Guide” . Visit as many times as you can before retirement . Contact me on this site , e-mail or my Facebook page when you get here and I’ll be happy to help you get off on the right foot

  3. churpa says:

    When I was growing up, I always thought of Mazatlan as a tourist trap. But on my last trip through I was surprised by how much I liked the city. Stay tuned for the upcoming edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico for more on Mazatlan.

  4. gerald cassie says:

    I am trying to find a contact in Mazatlan that I can e-mail for information . Thanks, Jerry