Hot Springs

Hot Springs, often called Balnearios or Aguas Termales are one of the great treasures when traveling in Mexico.  Some are fancy, over-developed spas; some are natural pools of water in the middle of nowhere.  Or a patch of warm, bubbly water in a shallow river.  Or part of a crumbling hacienda.

Carl and I have spent almost as much time looking for rumored hot springs as we have searching for the perfect beach.  Thus, reading about Rich and Churpa’s latest hot spring discovery brought back a warm flow of memories.  A lovely contrast to the below freezing temperatures outside on a winter’s night in the northwest.

I would like to invite all of you to send us your favorite hot springs:  Even if just a name and general direction.  A brief (or not so brief) description.  A picture?

Rich’s blog post Ex Hacienda Los Remedios is the perfect hot springs to start the list.