One Response to “A Small Treasure Trove of Oaxacan Recipes”

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  1. Juan Escobedo Sanchez Garcia says:

    I was born in Mexico. My mother, myself & my 5 brothers & sisters have traveled all over Mexico. I now live in Southern California & own 4 very successful restaurants. I served them to my staff(all are from different regions of Mexico) at a weekly to get their opinions. They were in agreement that the recipes were NOT authentic Mexican Recipes. They lacked the freshness, the flavor and home-i-ness of our Country. A fried & battered shrimp made with whipped egg whites recipe was rated the lowest. They were bland and turned the oil they were cooked in, into a bubbley mess & we had to toss the oil and clean the fryer. I see fraudulent Mexican Recipes every day. I just hope Americans who have NEVER had authentic Mexican food do not judge recipes like the one mentioned above to be a “REAL” reflection of MY countries cuisine.