A Rhode Islander in Mexico

Erik Loomis, who usually writes at one of Rich’s favorite blogs, is currently in Mexico and blogging about his trip. His first post  begins with a charmingly reasonable statement:

“Mexico is a pleasant and safe place to be if you are not part of the drug trade. There are regions that are more safe than others, but by and large, there are no real problems for visitors, and I don’t just mean in the areas that are basically the United States like Cancun.”

He then goes on to write about Tlatelolco.

I look forward to reading more about his trip.

(Incidentally, if you are interested in Tlatelolco, pick up a copy of El Monstruo by John Reed. His coverage is shocking, in-depth, and derived from a wealth of firsthand testimonies.)

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  1. -el codo- says:

    Churpa, I tell folks that having access to authentic and current information is the best way to steer clear of problem areas in Mexico. There are areas I would not care to spend any time in at all. This is where information is key, and factual information is vital. The country is not a minefield. Avoiding the risky areas incurs exactly the same amount of effort and discomfort as avoiding risky areas in the United States, or Canada.

    Problems arise when timid people or alarmists take an “All Or Nothing” approach to safety in Mexico. That is as foolish as passing up a glass of vintage Monte Xanic Merlot because “It will absolutely lead to inevitable cirrhosis of the liver”.