A Major Victory at Tenacatita: Update



For over twenty years, the people of Rebalsito have endured fires, rampant destruction of property, the loss of home and livelihood, threats, endless meetings, and expensive legal battles. Five years ago, armed guards hired by the Rodenas corporation wrongfully took over on of my favorite places on earth. The community has been fighting back ever since, tooth and nail.  We have endured so many setbacks. And for once, things are looking up. In a time when so much news is bad and the corporations always seem to win, it’s amazing to consider what this tiny fishing community has accomplished. They have pushed back at a corporation with seemingly bottomless pockets. They have fought every bullshit strategy Rodenas  tried. This fight is probably not over, but I am overcome thinking about the courage and perseverance I have witnessed.  I don’t want to sound like a total sap, but I have tears in my eyes as I write this.

For the first time in five years, Chile and Mary Ann are camping at their old spot on Tenacatita Bay. Mary  Ann writes,

“Five years ago, little did we know when we drove away from Tenacatita beach we would be denied driving access on the beach road until two days ago. What a joyous feeling to drive down the bumpy overgrown road with our trailer in tow. We have waited until now to send details of this exciting news not knowing if the guards would give us problems, so far so good.

On Dec. 31,2014 the Federal agency PROFEPA cited Rodenas security guards with numerous infractions for  not allowing free and open access to Tenacatita beaches. After five hours when legal authorities left,  guards ignored Federal law and took back control. It took the last three months of legal maneuvers for PROFEPA,SEMARNAT, along with the navy and a stream of municipal leaders, to act on those violations. We were informed a couple weeks ago that this would take place @ noon March 31.
Without a warning the guards were unprepared for the directives that would follow over the next five hours.
Several hundred people with Mexican flags waving followed the entourage  from one end of the beach to the other while these directives were handed down. It was quite a scene. The guards argued many points and were stopped cold when told they were NOT in charge and were to listen to the federal initiatives:
The roads and access will remain open 24 hrs. a day.
Rodenas guards have zero authority on the roads and federal zone.
Marine access is open, including lagoon.
Camping is permitted on beach side of Tenacatita down to the Colorados.
Playa Mora is open and fence and gates were torn down, along with fencing blocking the marina.
 Any area to the east of the pink hotel are not in dispute.
As far as the 42 hectares that Rodenas claims, legal decisions are coming forth on a case-by-case basis. About a month ago the Alvarado family won  their lot located on the corner to the left of the Glorietta,  where the old hotel stood. This was a symbolic win as it was a key piece of the claim. A lunch wagon type restaurant with palapa shade is up and running in this location just in time for the Semana Santa rush.
The La Huerta police are patrolling  the beach four times a day and went by at 2:30 this morning. They gave us the dispatch number and told us to call if the guards give us any problems. We are currently the only gringos camping and, let me tell you, we are missing our neighbors. Our Rebalsito friends are keeping a watch out for us and we do feel safe.
The fund has continued to help with this battle every step of the way. As committee members our mission was to see this through to a free Tenacatita. We’re in high hopes that the people here in Rebalsito take complete possession and hold on to what is rightfully theirs. We’ve been assured from the municipal leaders that public bathrooms are in the immediate plan and the funds remaining may be used to help that endeavor .
A special thanks to all of you that donated the hundreds and thousands of dollars to the cause. At this time we are not needing donations. However,  as Tenacatita moves forward, help may be needed.
What happened here on Tuesday was the cumulative result of the  persistent efforts from the people of Rebalsito. As representatives of the foreign community we were given heartfelt thanks for our continued moral and financial support at a celebratory luncheon with representatives from all agencies.”P1013909

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Lawyers and political propinas are not inexpensive. I wonder how much this land is really worth to Rodenas…Wealthy Mexicans can be more stubborn than any mule. A macho thing…jockstrap thinking cap.

    Rodenas versus the PGR wouldn’t be the smartest thing he’s ever done. He has to step lightly or irritate truly formidable adversaries. They are talking about this all the way down to Puerto Escondido a friend told me. A lot of eyes are watching. Suerte.

  2. churpa says:

    Wow really? In Escondido? Yeah, I think it must be a macho thing. Especially since resorts on this coast don’t exactly have a great success rate.

  3. -El Codo- says:

    Every rico wants to own an island or if there are no islands, a beach. Can’tcun set a very bad example. As you know there is no lack of beachfront area on the Pacific. But protected bays are at a premium, Zihuatanejo has a flag system warning when regiments of runaway organisms can be fatal to a swimmer. The sheltered end of the beach in Melaque looks like New Years in Times Square every holiday, Medano beach in Cabo Son Locos is unprotected and takes several lives a year. The fact that the Rodent lusted after Tenacatita came as no surprise. Imagine the prestige at Tapatio social braggart’s club get togethers. “Here comes the emperor of the best Pacific Ocean beach in Mexico!”

    Give the Rodent 100 meters of beachfront access at El Tecuan. Let him build his fantasy there, Encourage him to swim out and enjoy himsekf.

  4. Jeffrey Atto says:

    Re: “As far as the 42 hectares that Rodenas claims, legal decisions are coming forth on a case-by-case basis. About a month ago the Alvarado family won their lot located on the corner to the left of the Glorietta, where the old hotel stood. This was a symbolic win as it was a key piece of the claim. A lunch wagon type restaurant with palapa shade is up and running in this location just in time for the Semana Santa rush.”

    Is “El Palmar” included in the 42 hectares that Rodenas claims? My friend owns land in El Palmar, and we are trying to figure out how it is that the legal decisions would be handed down on a case-by-case basis if the Ejido is fighting on behalf of everybody in the Mexican Supreme Court. I would appreciate any insight that you might be able to share. Thank you!

    • Felisa Rogers says:

      To my understanding, the Ejido has been fighting on behalf of everyone to get the road open and full access to the federal zone. I believe the individual plots are being decided on a case-by-case basis depending on things like whether the landholder paid taxes, has legit paperwork etc. But there are people who know more about this than I do who can potentially weigh in.

  5. Dobie says:

    Some of the titled lots outside the 42 hectares have been won on a case by case basis, by individual lawyers.There’s also a lawsuit pending for all the properties outside the 42 hectares. The ejido case, based on a presidential decree, includes all the land that Rodenas has claimed, inside and outside the 42 hectares.

  6. May says:

    Thank you for your article – we are a family of four, travelling Costa Allegre at the moment, and yesterday we stopped at Tanacatita and did not understand what we saw… the most beautiful beach ever, hotels in ruins, police everywhere, no civilians, restaurants, tourists or any infrastructure that even remote places like Punta Perula offer.
    It took us a couple of conversations and your blog to get an idea.
    I hope that Tenacatita and the people of Rebalsito will be able to hold on to that beautiful place.

    • Felisa Rogers says:

      Thanks for writing. I’m glad we were able to help inform you. Tenacatita is a treasure, and clearly one worth fighting for. Maybe we’ll run into you there some day…