A Love Letter to Mexico


Just stumbled across this great love letter to Mexico. Jen writes, “I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this to you, my beloved Mexico; but, I’ve flirted, and sporadically fallen, for other places in the past thirty seven years of my life. Think of me what you may, but I’ve been around the block several times before.  I’m a travel floozy.  Admittedly, I’ve grown fond of other countries, cities, and states; for some of the tantamount reasons for which I love thee.  But this time it is a little different.  I promise.  I see something different inside of myself when I am embraced by you.”

I don’t think she’s in any danger of falling out of love. I fell in love with Mexico 34 years ago, and our relationship is still going strong…Then again, it was kind of an arranged marriage.

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  1. Jen says:

    I love your website, blog, and book! Thank you so much for reading and sharing my ‘Love Letter’.
    Viva, Mexico!

  2. churpa says:

    Thank you for reading! Glad to discover your blog. Viva, Mexico indeed!

  3. Salvador Nieto says:

    I am very glad I found your blog Churpa, love the book since the first one I saw – probably the first edition, almost 40 years ago. After that I have bought several editions (I wish I still had the first one), even one while in Amsterdam for friends there.
    Being mexican I really appreciate the love you all have for Mexico – and the way you enjoy life. The guide is a lot of fun, but also a good way to understand us Mexicans. I recomended it to a couple I know that lives here – she from Chile and he from Japan. I even sugested a book store in Tepoztlán Morelos that has a great garden with a small cafeteria (owned by a British lady, managed by an American girl, and when I visited it there were a Russian family and other foreigners – quite an international experience).
    My friends enjoyed the short trip to this beautiful town near Mexico City, the book store and the guide. They told me that it really was helping them understand more about the Mexican people.

  4. churpa says:

    Thanks Salvador, and sorry for the late reply! Thank you for spreading the word about The People’s Guide–we need all the help we can get! And of course, such praise means even more coming from a Mexican. Thank you also for the recommendation…If you ever feel like writing more on Tepoztlán Morelos or sending photos, we’d love to post it here.