36 Hours in San Miguel?


I just stumbled across this piece in the NY Times, 36 Hours in San Miguel. This is not what my 36 hours in San Miguel would look like, and now I’m tempted to write my own version…However, it’s great to see a major article about Mexico that does not scream about potential dangers. What would be your top picks for 36 hours in San Miguel?

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  1. BC says:

    I’d probably do a quick tour of SMA, because I have never been there and would like some photos of the architecture found there. Then travel out highway 51 for the secondhand shops and “sprawling outdoor antique yards flecking both sides of the highway” and then make my way to Mineral de Pozos, about 45 minutes away, which is undergoing a revival of sorts.(1)

    The last silver mine in Mineral de Pozo closed in 1927, and now “is a city of ruins; everywhere you see arches, columns, and other remains of once-grand buildings.”(1)

    One of the early Pozo revivalist, Teresa Martínez [artist/writer, entrepreneur], has “converted a former cigar factory into a five-room hotel/restaurant/gallery. In one guest room at her Casa Mexicana, a 20-foot living pepper tree shoots through the ceiling.” A recent traveler found that he “was the only hotel guest in town.”(2)

    (1) Artists Breathe New Life Into Old Mining Town
    Text and photos © by Lee Daley

    (2) Mexico’s Mineral de Pozos: A ghost town comes alive as an artist colony
    Copyright © 2013, Los Angeles Times

  2. churpa says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I have not been to Mineral de Pozos, which is ridiculous considering how much time I have spent in San Miguel…Proximo año, si Dios quiere…

    • BC says:

      It’s easy to get concentrated on/in one area, especially if you’re being the tour guide, because people always want to see the same “hot” spots that everyone has heard or are talking about. It’s happened to me more than once.

  3. -el codo- says:



    Compose an opposing or complimenting article! Por Favor!

    This is “le essence” of PG style travel. To read the differences in the way “tourists” see things and “PG travelers” see things! If ever there is to be a mantra for the PG, this tactic should be considered IMHO!