36 Hours in Oaxaca?


Just stumbled across this New York Times piece, 36 Hours in Oaxaca. Their 36 Hours in Oaxaca definitely sound more fun and original than their 36 Hours in San Miguel de Allende, which sounded a little too bougie for me. I appreciate how the Oaxaca piece starts out with Mercado 20 de Noviembre, which is what I would have done, had I been smarter. They also describe, as usual, several restaurants that I would love to check out if I ever had a budget for anything other than tacos…Not that I’m complaining about the tacos.

What are your picks for 36 hours in Oaxaca?

photo by Gina Dilello

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  1. -el codo- says:

    20 Noviembre 6 hours

    Zocalo mayor, sitting on butt sipping café 6 hours

    The hunt for the perfect comedor Oaxaqueña 6 hours

    Se busca Mescal muy añejo (5 años min) 4 hours

    Finding an indigena selling the world’s best tamales and genuine from the milpa tortillas a minimum of 4 hours (it ain’t easy anymore).

    Another several hours searching for the best pavo (guajalote) con mole Oaxaqueña

    Back to the zocalo

    Sleeping sometime in between all the above.

  2. churpa says:

    I love it! Pretty much my plan as well…

  3. Sam says:

    Read that a while back. People that travel that fast need help. No time for serendipity & just “being”…

    • churpa says:

      Yeah, no kidding. I could easily find interesting stuff to do for 36 days in Oaxaca, no problem. Was just reading something on a forum form someone who was trying to decide how to create a ten day itinerary for Mexico that included Mexico City, Oaxaca, and the beach, and driving a rental car. It kind of made my head explode thinking about it.

      • -el codo- says:

        The Louvre In Under An Hour…

        Venus de Milo 6.7 seconds
        Mona Lisa 11.8 seconds
        Louis XIV 3.3 seconds

        Oxygen and D5W 59+ minutes

      • Sam says:

        I did 10 days in Mex City & Oaxaca with the 6 hour round trip transit via Ado. Not enough time. Cant wait to fly direct to Oaxaca & do it for real. Maybe Puerto Esc… Maybe bring the kids..

        • churpa says:

          Funny that I should mention something close to that specific itinerary! Yeah, definitely sounds like not enough time, though at least you weren’t including the beach in your plans…
          We had a great time on the coast of Oaxaca this year, but didn’t make it to Escondido.