A Good Samaritan

The only thing worse than coming back from Mexico to Canada in December is leaving behind a friend like LR who remains there til March. Among the regular email updates I get from “Senor Beachbaum” was this…

“I got back to the hotel and our maid was looking a little down and she finally showed me her arm which was swollen and she had no feeling in her finger tips. She was a little scared. It took a lot of coaxing, but she finally agreed to let me take her to the doctor. I covered the costs of the visit and prescription and lab tests tomorrow morning. The doctor told me that I’ve done the right thing by getting her in as she would never have done it on her own.

I’ve since been talking to a few people in the hotel and we are setting up a trust to cover the medical and schooling for her kids for a whole year. It feels so good to be able to make a difference”

The maid is the only maid in a hotel with about 28 rooms and she works six and a half days a week, a plucky little single mom of three.

It does feel good to make a difference. Neither my friend nor the others at the hotel are rich. In a country with a minimum wage of about five dollars or so a day, it doesn’t take much for an old gringo to do right.