17 Responses to “14th Edition of The People's Guide to Mexico Released!”

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  1. That’s great – the new edition is as good as in my hands!

    • Eve Muir says:

      Can we buy them from you?

      • churpa says:

        Not sure how that works, Eve. I should be getting some copies, but I’m not at home right now. I’ll get back to you.

        • -El Codo- says:

          If I run to the nearest bookseller, it is a 1,090 mile round-trip.

          • churpa says:

            Vagaries of the Mexican mail system aside, is there some way I can mail you a copy?

          • -El Codo- says:

            Churpa, I would rather go without chiles rellenos and tamales for 10-years than a copy of the newest PG!!! Every single revision has astonished me with the vast amount of new and unique information contained within. The People’s Guide editors review with excruciating precision all of that new info. Unlike a lot of other publications I can count on the stuff I read inside. I can hardly wait to read Carl’s new Foreword.

          • -El Codo- says:

            “And Furthermore……” (doing an Inspector Clouseau routine)

            The PG has inevitably saved this ultimate cheapskate at least five times its purchase cost. Maybe ten times, I’m smiling too hard after the first hundred dollars to keep track. Relying on an older edition is like, well it’s like eating “leftovers”!

  2. -El Codo- says:

    Yeah! First impression: Nice Cover!

  3. Jaimetown says:

    Just ordered the newest edition from Amazon! It should be awaiting me when I get back home Thursday night. The timing couldn’t be better as I leave for Mexico on Saturday morning. Congrats to all on the new book, and it must be especially exciting for you, Churpa, to see your name next to your dad’s on the cover!

    • churpa says:

      Excellent! So true re: the name! Where are you headed on your trip?

      • Jaimetown says:

        Voy a Estado Jalisco. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be flying into PV to spend a few days on the beach (down around Mismaloya). Then to Guadalajara to visit some friends for a couple of days. And finally a quick trip down to Manzanillo and a drive back up the coast to PV. I may finally get to see the famed El Rebalsito I’ve read about so much in PG and on this website! So excited to go and to have the latest edition of PG in hand to accompany me!

        • churpa says:

          Ah, Jalisco…(wistuflly). Keep us posted on your adventures! I’d love to hear your recommendations re: great food and places to stay.

    • Kevin says:

      Is “14” available in an eBook/iBook/PDF? i own a couple of older additions and would like to get the latest, but i just don’t buy ink on paper books any more…It been a couple of years now.

  4. Going to Monterrey and Vallarta to see family and expat pals respectively. PG has had such an impact that reading it is almost as going as actually going to MX. Almost jajajaja