The Return of Noticias


It’s been awhile, but I’m gonna start cranking these out again . . . at lest that’s what I’m telling myself.

Policias – The governor of the state of Mexico has ordered 12 municipalities around Mexico City to stop issuing traffic tickets until they comply with a law passed last year that prohibits male traffic cops from issuing traffic tickets in that state.  Some are skeptical it will have the intended effect of reducing corruption in the long term, though it’s probably a good step.

RevoluciónIn other corruption news, the daughter of the federal attorney general for consumer protection allegedly had  a restaurant temporarily shut down by inspectors after the restaurant did not give her the table she wanted. After a torrent of anger on social media, the attorney general issued an apology for his daughter’s “inappropriate behavior.”

Negocios – Audi has broken ground on a plant in the state of Puebla.  The plant, which will open in 2016, will create “3,800 direct and indirect jobs” according to Mexico’s Economy Secretary. Audi plans to build its Q5 SUVs at the plant. I doubt I will ever drive one.

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