Tenacatita Update: The La Huerta Plan

This just in from Dobie: “The pinche puerta is still there. Seems that the governor just refuses to obey the law. Rodenas has filed at least 2 amparos against SEMARNAT for not renewing their concession and they say their concession goes until 2013. The hearing was supposed to be May 11. Villalobos didn’t show up, as usual. He pays a small fine and gets to delay things yet again. Next hearing set for June 14. He probably won’t show again. The third time he has to show up, but there’s no way to know when that will be.

In other news: Meanwhile Carlos, the president of La Huerta, (who now, according to law, has the concession for the federal zone) has given some details about how he plans to reorganize the zone (mañana when the beach opens).

The La Huerta Plan: Restaurant owners who can show proof that they’ve paid taxes will be allowed to re-open in the federal zone. The lots will be resized to 15 x 20 m. Every few restaurants there will be a break with 12 m of access to the beach. This reshuffling will likely mean that restaurants won’t open on their original lots.

I’m sure people are upset about the resizing, but it actually kind of makes sense to me: over the years so many restaurants had mushroomed, covering the beach with vast and often empty palapas. I also like the idea that there will be more beach access for families who may not be able to afford to hang out in a restaurant. Plus, if the restaurants are smaller maybe more people will be able to relocate to the federal zone.

In other less pleasant news: apparently Carlos has promised the military part of the 12,000 square m of the federal zone for some time of facility? I can hardly stand to contemplate what sort of monstrosity they might build…