CNN Reports on Canonization of "First Mexican Saint"

CNN incorrectly reports : “Pope Francis canonized the first saints of his papacy — including the first ever honored from Colombia and Mexico.” He did indeed canonize Laura Montoya of Colombia and María Guadalupe García Zavala of Mexico, but the cannon already includes María Natividad de Jesús Sacramento Venegas, who was born in Zapotlanejo, Mexico, in 1868 and canonized in 2001. Not to mention, uh, Juan Diego and all these other male Mexican saints. In fact, check out a 2002 CNN article […]

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Saints in the City

Emo kids carry statues of San Judas de Tadeo, or St. Jude

I am sitting on a rock hard bed at the Hotel Isabel, in a high-ceilinged room with pink and grey walls. I first came to the Isabel when I was only 23, and I still put up with the rock hard beds because the hotel is clean and has just the right mix of actual beauty (twenty-foot-high ceilings in this room), crazy Mexican aesthetics (a gorgeous Colonial lobby painted bright orange and bright blue; pastel furniture that’s straight out of […]

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