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Since we live in sunny Arizona, my wife and I are looking for locations with at least relatively cool climates to get away from our very toasty temperatures from May to October during the summer.  Can anyone suggest places in Mexico’s highlands where we might get some respite?  It’s hard for us to be gone more than three weeks at a time because of medical and other commitments, so is there anyplace within three to five days moderate driving which might be a possibility?  We’re on a fairly restricted income (retirees) so we’re not really interested in “touristy” places or shopping (other than supplies), just comfortable places to hang out.  Thanks for any recommendations or suggestions.

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  1. el codo says:

    Creel Chihuahua is not super deep into Mexico and it is around 7,000 feet in elevation. Creel is the official jumping off point for visiting the Copper Canyon. While it isn’t really convenient for nearby city shopping, the large city of Chihuahua is a day’s drive and has many huge supermarkets and membership warehouse clubs.

    I live in a remote area and when I shop I make a serious foray and then return home and stuff a chest freezer to the brim. Living expense precaution includes very frugal use of a motor vehicle. I don’t know if Creel has yet to get TelCel cellular telephone service but if they have it they may have BANDA ANCHA wireless internet for 439 pesos per month. You will need to obtain an FM-3 tourist residency card in order for TelCel to sell you a wireless USB cartridge but I can tell you that at the moment I am sitting more than a hour away from the nearest large town in my bedroom and have full internet access. Believe it or not unless you live in a busy tourist area (which creel would not be in the summer) boredom can be a real hazard anywhere in Mexico summer or winter.

    Another way to get a TelCel wireless USB is to either have a Mexican friend get one for you or pay someone a generous tip to go to an authorized TelCel service center. They need to bring along their federal electoral voting credential AND an official document like an electrical bill with their name on it to satify TelCel’s requirement of absolute verification of place of residency. No worries, the USB device is an outright purchase and not a lease so TelCel does not keep track of them. The device will work in ANY computer anywhere there is TelCel BRANDA ANCHA service in the entire country.

    Hope This Helps To Get You Started