Stop the Itch: The Secret for Treating No-see-um Bites

Q-Tip as Superhero Photo by Mark Gstohl

Winter months are the season for no-see-um’s, or jejenes.

  • Jejenes love brackish water and  thrive where lagoons and streams empty into the ocean. At sundown, Jejenes start their hunt for exposed flesh.
  • Rains and extra high tides create breeding pools, or “charcos.” Within three days there will be a large hatch of hungry Jejenes. I chicken out and flee before they hatch.
  •  DEET plus Pennyroyal Oil is an effective deterrent.
  • THE ITCH. Pure agony lasting several days. The single treatment I have found that eliminates itching is Q-Tips and boiling water. Dip the Q-Tip into boiling water then quickly press the cotton swab onto the bite. Yes, it stings a tiny bit for a moment. Wait 5-minutes and repeat if the itch is not 100% gone. The treatment lasts as long as the bite. No medicine regardless of cost precription or no, comes close in being as effective to control itching. Use triple-antibiotic salve and swallow vitamin c to help the swelling disappear.

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  1. Dobie says:

    I found that lavender oil works well to repel jejenes. Discovered this by accident camping at Tenacatita.

    • Felisa Rogers says:

      That’s awesome, Dobie! I myself can’t do the poison stuff. I’m too paranoid. Lucky for me, mosquitos only feed on me when there’s no one tastier around. But jejenes always get me…I’ll try the lavender. Great to hear of yet another thing it’s good for…I’m using it right now to treat a skin abrasion.

  2. -El Codo- says:

    Straight Pennyroyal oil works great as well. Las Nietas are discouraged from using DEET. One single solitary drop of Pennyroyal oil rubbed between both hands then applied to feet, ankles, and legs up to the knees stops the carnivorous monsters in their tracks.

    It may sound nuts but if a person should drink a couple cups of coffee, hot or iced, it seems to reduce the number of bites.