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  1. Jaimetown says:

    I loved this article! You are absolutely correct, it sounds as if it could have been written last week. This is so reminiscent of my time spent in El Vergel, Tlaquepaque. The people in this community have almost nothing and yet welcomed me into their homes and showed me a generosity of spirit that I cannot describe. One little girl, Mariana, who was about 4 or 5 years old, went so far as to give me her last two pieces of hard candy (a much sought after and hard-to-come-by commodity in this impoverished neighborhood) when she discovered it was my birthday. She was insistent I take them and absolutely would not take no for an answer. After much discussion, I humbly and graciously accepted her gift. Though that was over two years ago, I have been unable to bring myself to eat either of them. They sit on a shelf in my office and remind me how generous and selfless a people can be. I get a little choked up everytime I see them and makes me want to try a little harder to a better person. Thank you for sharing.

  2. churpa says:

    Great story! I am so grateful that I was raised around campesinos and was able to see their generosity and resourcefulness from a young age. Knowing that people survive and give when they have so little has helped me through some rough times and made me really grateful for what I do have. (Of course I don’t always remember this–I need to get some candy up on the shelf to keep me in check!)