Road Trip Round-Up


If you are new to this site or have only been getting occasional transmissions, you can read all the dispatches from our recent two month road trip to Mexico here. For me, some of the highlights of the trip were the tortas, the burritos, the chiles, our visit to the amazing Oaxacan food market, and eating fresh fish with our excellent friends on the Pacific Coast. Oh you want something that’s not food related? Will mezcal do? Also…our random discovery of a hidden hot spring in Chihuahua, our visit to Zacatecasour stay in San Miguel de Allende, hanging at the Bar Isabel, our random discovery of a camping beach in Oaxaca, and the amazing fact that our ’87 Dodge van, Miss Louisiane, did not break down once. Praise San Judas de Tadeo!

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  1. -el codo- says:

    Diez Estrellas Churpa!

    Your photography and writing skills leave me in awe!

  2. summersolstice says:

    Love the details on your road trip! Would it be possible to post or solicit some information on bus travel to, and within, Mexico? The information containing personal experiences that’s available online is hopelessly outdated.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

    • churpa says:

      Yes, certainly. Great idea–I’ll start working on a post. And thanks for reading and commenting. For now I’ll say that bus travel within Mexico is fairly efficient and much more pleasant than bus travel in the US. Mexico has a wide range of luxury bus lines that are reasonably priced, quite comfortable, and extensive in their range. If you choose to ride first class, you can also book your tickets online now (see link below for one option), which is kind of mind-blowing to those of us that remember the days of the chicken bus…

      more later!

  3. lin says:

    Great information and descriptions.

    I am planning a trip now in a Honda Element

    I’d like to bring a camp stove with me. Which stove, do you know, would have fuel readily available in mexico.

    appreciate your response.


    • churpa says:

      We love Hondas…When I’m in Oregon I drive a ’93 Civic we call “Maxene, the road warrior.” But I digress…We use a 5 gallon propane tank that can be filled up at roadside “gas” stations. These stations are not Pemex, but you’ll be able to spot them by the giant propane tanks. They are typically fairly easy to find. I’m told it’s also easier to find the smaller disposable propane tanks now. Used to be difficult, but I think you can now sometimes find them at Sam’s Club and the other box stores that abound in larger cities. However, I don’t know how much space you’d save in the long run, unless you actually just take one and replace it every time it runs dry, which sounds like a hassle. Last time I checked it was difficult to find “white gas” in Mexico, and though you can run hiking stoves on regular gasolina it’s definitely not recommended as it requires almost daily cleaning.