Road to Bahia Tortugas, Baja?


image by Marrovi

image by Marrovi

A reader writes:

Need to meet a boat In Turtle Bay in June – – – wondering what the road condition will from the main highway to Turtle?

Codo answers:

  • When you are in the town of Vizcanio, fill up your tank at the Pemex gasolinera on your right before the intersection to Tortugas. There is a gasolinera in Bahia Tortugas but it’s an awful long way in case it’s out of gas.
  • In Vizcaino, there will be a signed intersection BAHIA TORTUGAS to your right
  • There will be five topes (speed bumps) in the next three miles. Three of them are SHARP but not overly tall. After you pass the new electric power plant on your left there will be one speed bump remaining.
  • For the next sixty miles the road is brand new resurfaced, with new striping.
  • Beware of cattle on the road. This is an “Every Time You Drive” occurrence so take this seriously.
  • 48 miles after leaving highway 1, you will pass the signed intersection to Bahia Asuncion.
  • Shortly thereafter you will enter the hills, encounter curves and a short section of roadway still be repaved. It may be finished by June.
  • No ATM in Tortugas. The BanComer ATM in Vizcaino on your left is cranky. I recommend driving all the way through GUERRERO NEGRO and using the ATM at the BanaMex if you need pesos. The bank is on the right side of the street about three miles through town.
  • In June, it is common for inland temperatures to be close to or even higher than 100F. But the ocean is cold. It is not uncommon to find daytime highs in the seventies and night time lows in the fifties here, even in June. The humidity makes it chilly. Bringing a heavy sweater or even a coat is not a bad idea. This area does not warm up until mid-July.
  • The restaurant scene is sparse in Tortugas. There are some but the town is no gastronomical temple.

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  1. Neil Ablitt says:

    Wow, that’s really great information. Thank you very much indeed. Very helpful.
    Years ago we used to anchor in Turtle snd go to the hotel and takes showers for 2 USD. Last time there – Feb 2013 – it looked like the hotel may have been closed? Do you know if it’s still open? We may have to wait a day for the boat and hate the idea of sleeping in the van. Looks like Turtle has gone down hill and Asuncion is getting the attention? Do you inow if there is a hotel in Asuncion?
    PS My wife is from Eugene – we met at UofO – Go Ducks!

  2. Charlie Ford says:

    Those instructions are really accurate, I appreciate the information, good thing is that driving in Mexico is not as difficult as I thought

    Kind regards