New face for "old" Mazatlan: El Universal Online

El Universal Online
Discover the recently renovated Mazatlan

June 26, 2005

As I sit sipping my morning coffee, I glance around the leafy plaza at the pastel-colored buildings, the freshly painted wrought-iron gazebo, and the umbrella-shaded sidewalk café tables. If not for the abundant palm trees and seagulls flying overhead, I might be easily convinced that I’m in one of Mexico’s highland colonial cities like Guanajuato, Queretaro or Zacatecas.

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  1. Larry Bates says:

    Hi; I’ve been to San Miguel and
    Guanajuato and love it there, and I planning to go back this fall. My concern is housing that I will need for about a month. If you could help a nice reasonable place to stay, I would appricate it. Best regards, Larry

  2. Carl says:


    Finding a place to stay in Mexico? Sorry, but that is a question best asked of a travel agent or a hotel/restaurant guidebook such as Frommer’s.

    good luck,

  3. David Eidell says:

    Web chat boards such as Lonely Planet Thorntree (Mexico) are good places to ask specific questions. You may hit pay dirt and receive a reply or even a recommendation from a traveler that stayed at a particular hotel they liked