More on safety in Mexico's Copper Canyon

I am just back from Mexico and once again, it is frustrating that there is so much stirring about the security situation there. Obviously there is an issue in the border towns and some other isolated incidents.

I certainly have an interest in keeping our Authentic Copper Canyon guests safe…it just seems that the whole country has been characterized as out of control and that is so far from true
What I have found in-country is that locals agree that things are more secure than a year ago.
Muy tranquilo…

Dave Hensleigh

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  1. jessvollendorf says:

    Did you fly? or Drive? If you flew, where did you fly into? Is it safe for me to fly into Chihuahua City and then hop on a bus to Creel?

    • Carl Franz says:

      If Dave doesn’t reply… I’ve flown into Chihuahua City and then taken the bus to Creel, and I’ve driven to Chihuahua and Creel countless times. I really don’t consider safety to be much of an issue, other than taking the usual, commonsense precautions that apply virtually everywhere. The bus station in Chihuahua City isn’t far from the airport and the service there is excellent.