Lorena's Shrimp Addiction Revealed…


Lorena's first shrimp cocktail of the trip.

Lorena’s first shrimp cocktail of the trip.

“Well maybe…we should go get a shrimp cocktail,” Lorena said slyly. This phrase would become a constant refrain on our trip through Nayarit and Jalisco. Going to town? Maybe we should get a shrimp cocktail…Going on ice mission? Maybe we should get a shrimp cocktail…Sunburnt? Maybe…You guessed it. While I did not actually tally the number of shrimp Lorena consumed on the trip, I’m guessing it’s in the thousands.

My five week trip proffered many pleasures: delicious pulpo (octopus) tacos at Barracuda Seafood in San Pancho, the musical stylings of Banda Supermercado, partying on the vast tiled piazza of the magical Taj Miguel, delicious margaritas courtesy of Chelsea, sunrise walks in San Pancho, reuniting with old friends, meeting new friends, hammock lounging, sunrise birdwatching at Palapa Telapia, that-day-caught chula sashimi, guerilla camping at Tenacatita, grilled hauchinango at Restaurant La Mosca…But watching Lorena relax in Mexico for the first time in years was high on my list of favorites.

Lorena had been tied down in the cold norte for years taking care of ailing relatives, and I had the pleasure of watching her return to the warm waters of Tenacatita to take her first ocean swim in many years. I was also the beneficiary of the shrimp obsession; I think she could better rationalize the habit if she was willing to share. But despite this tangible benefit, chiefly it was just delightful to see Lorena return to her natural state: that of some sort of tropical shrimp-gobbling aquatic sloth. Provecho!

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  1. Tina Rosa says:

    well said! I too enjoyed seeing the relaxed and delighted smiles on Lorena’s face! oh, yeah, and the shrimp too!

  2. Lorena says:

    Well, when all was said and done, visiting with so many old friends was at the top of the most-favorite activities list.

    Swimming at Tenacatita was next, Fortunate, driving back from the beach, we had to pass Chelly’s restaurant. And stop for a snack. Maybe some guacamole to start with? and then…..

  3. -El Codo- says:

    Lucky me!

    Brenda and Jesús. The enramada.

    Toca Toca.

    “Abuelito! Abueltio! Vamanos a la enramda. (Grandfather let’s go to the palm frond restaurant!”

    Caldo de siete mares (7-seas seafood soup) to start.

    Followed by one of Brenda’s “special” shrimp cocktails. The goblets are enormous. With avocado and not quite ripe slices of mango from the orchard.

    Oysters on the half shell. These puppies are the size of coffee cup saucers (because such a remote area has not been over-harvested). I figure it is mandatory to keep trying different bottled salsas with the oysters.

    Cholesterol is something that exists only in the doctor’s office.

    By the way “Camarones Cristales” are regular shrimp but they come from a tidal lagoon that has brackish rather than pure sea salt water. Instead of pink stripes, Camarones Cristales have faint tan bands when raw. They turn pink just like regular shrimp when cooked.

    Peñafiel brought out a product I adore with shrimp cocktails. Carbonated mineral water (It replaced Tehuacan as the premier mineral water of Mexico), but with a slightly bitter limón flavor. The bottles have a label indicating the presence of the flavor (which is not artificial).

    Lorena’s love of seafood is justified!

    La gente roar down from the city directly to thousands of enramadas to gorge on seafood. Myself, I like Brenda’s Huauchinango a la Veracuzana. Still free camping next to the restaurant in winter months. In the summer, the sea level rises six feet higher for both low and high tide.