Life goes on…

by Felisa Churpa Rosa Rogers

photo credit: Tina Rosa

I just received an update and photos from my sainted mother, who is happy out in the rancho near San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Which reminds me…While the mainstream media screeches about the dangers of Mexico, an army of bloggers offer a more salubrious perspective on day-t0-day life down south.

We don’t need reminding of why we love Mexico, but Mexican Trailrunner’s description of an incident at the mercado warms the heart nonetheless.

For a foray into the mouthwatering culinary wonderland of Mexico City, check out Nicholas Gilman’s blog. Gilman writes well and he obviously knows what he is talking about. I particularly enjoyed this post on Mexican food regions and corresponding D.F. restaurants.

Meanwhile, Countdown to Mexico describes daily life in Mazatlan, yet another example of how life goes on for expats, even in states such as Sinaloa that are known problem areas.