Letter from a Reader: Sustainable Campground South of PV

editor’s note: This place sounds pretty cool and it’s right in our favorite stomping grounds. Rich and I may have to stop in on our trip south this year…


Hola Carl and Lorena,
My wife Holly & I are big fans of yours. We’ve recommended your book and website to hundreds of people over the years!
We’re writing you to let you know there is a very unique new campground worth checking out two hours south of Puerto Vallarta (“Camping Sol y Mar” – Disclaimer: we’re a bit biased in that we own it)!
Camping Sol y Mar is part of a working ranch and sustainability center, and is set 300 yards back from one of the most beautiful, undeveloped beaches in Mexico.  It features the world’s first off-grid solar hookup sites and is also the world’s first “edible” campground with u-pick banana, mango, coconut, veggie garden, and herb spiral plantings all underway! All facilities are constructed with natural local materials and designed for maximum sustainability with solar electric, solar water heating, and complete water recycling systems in place. We also offer ranch tours, horse rentals, guided hiking & fishing trips, and work exchange opportunities.
Here is the website for our overall project (http://www.ranchosolymar.com/RanchoSolyMar/Rancho_Sol_y_Mar.html) and here is the page link for the campground: (http://www.ranchosolymar.com/RanchoSolyMar/Camping_Sol_y_Mar.html).
Sunny Saludos,

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Hi Daniel! Feliciadades!
    May I ask a question with regards to your RV campground and the “Hookups”?

    I read the following within your description of the campground. The Quotation marks are mine…

    ” Sewage hookup and/or dumping is not supported”.

    This is going to be of concern to RV campers whom wish to cook and wash dishes, and bathe in their own bathroom. Some RV travelers especially ladies, insisted on using their own toilet and not the pristine maintained park restroom we provided. Another point I emphasized was our 24 hour gravity fed domestic water filtered by 1 micron Rotoplas filters.

    But, perhaps I misunderstood your information.

    You have a SUPER location. I hate the thought of spending a day in downtown P.V. You can if you wish establish a “morning stroll”. Meandering, labels attached to stakes identifying flora. Two or three alimentaciones de colibris (hummingbird feeders) near the restrooms. Photo ID of your area’s hummingbirds and for that matter the wildlife, birds, etc. I grew shrubs for an iguana hangout. A few slices of fruit and they;ll find it and live there. We gave our iguanas names. Our guests loved it!

    Make it easy for overnighter’s to pull in, dump, and leave in the morning and you will gain additional wilderness camping revenue.

    Again! The best of fortune.