Daniel Rueffert Exhibit

For those of you in the SMA area, one of my favorite artists is having an exhibit in Mineral de Pozos on March 30. Daniel writes: “Plein air refers to paintings done on location in one shot. (That’s my definition as others sometimes work on them later in the studio). Impressionism is the word they use to describe the method. They are created in an hour, more or less, as the sun scoots across the sky lengthening and shortening shadows […]

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Ghosts of San Miguel

A cobblestone street with colonial buildings.

San Miguel de Allende was a jewel on the map of my childhood. Many times circled, marked with a push-pin. Coming here always felt like coming home. I loved the smell of old stone courtyards, the sound of water splashing onto cobblestones as people cleaned the streets in front of their big-doored colonial houses, and the chorus of blackbirds in the Zocalo as the sun set behind the enormous pink Cathedral, which looked like something made up by a little […]

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Road Food: Torta Round-Up

A good torta is a thing of beauty. And in Mexico, a good torta is not hard to find. Any self-respecting Mexican city boasts hundreds of torta shops: from the steaming fondas of the mercado to the tiny tiled diner tucked between the behemoths of the business district. Each of these establishments has its own tricks, but seldom do you see drastic variations. You have your torta de pierna, your torta de milanesa, your torta de jamon, your torta cubana, […]

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Favorite Artists: Daniel Rueffert

Our old friend Dan Rueffert makes San Miguel magically appear before your eyes. For more of his Mexico paintings, check out his website. He really has a marvelous talent for capturing the quality of Mexican light.

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Road Trip

An '87 Dodge Van in Mexico with palm trees.

  I can’t help daydreaming about our upcoming trip, even though it’s months away.  So far the plan is to head out in late December or early January. Our itinerary (still a subject of heated debate) includes Austin (home of the Salt Lick and the world’s best ribs), Zacatecas (now there’s a town where you can find a decent cup of espresso), San Miguel de Allende (I’m already thinking about the milanesa sandwiches at Torta Mundo), El Rebalsito (where Cuca […]

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Snapshots from Mexico: Burros and Mascaras

A wall of Mexican clown masks

editor’s note: My “sainted mother” Tina Rosa just sent me the following pictures from Mexico. Makes me homesick for San Miguel…Oh to be startling a random burro…Though if I’m going to be wishing myself into any Mexican situation, I think I’d be eating a milanesa torta on my way up to the zocalo. Or, of course, swinging in a Tenacatita hammock.

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Spring Here and There

  photos by Tina Rosa Here in the Oregon Coast Range, the winter has been a long sodden slog. We’ve endured a flood, a March snowstorm, and more sleet than I care to contemplate. Today, the sun is actually shining for the first time in weeks. It’s a little wan, yes, but it sparkles on the spiderwebs and budding branches and leads me to fanciful thoughts. Hmm…perhaps this corner of the world is not such a dreary place after all, […]

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Portrait of America

NPR reports that last year 56 people were murdered in Stockton, CA. Sure, it’s no Ciudad Juarez, but this murder rate implies that Stockton is more dangerous for gringos than Mexican  border towns such as Nuevo Laredo (drug war death rate 50) and Nogales (drug war death rate 28). Meanwhile, San Miguel de Allende gets a clean bill of health with zero drug war deaths during the first nine months of 2011. Oaxaca City, Puerto Escondido, Playa del Carmen, and […]

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