Letter from a Reader: Monte Alban Guide?

  S writes: I am departing for Oaxaca in March. I would like to hire the charming guide you had in Oaxaca to show us around.  Can you please send me  Señor Diez contact information?  I would love to have such a local “ruin ” be our guide. I am just starting to travel and I wonder what a proper amount for a day of guiding is?  If you could suggest it would be helpful. Kaki answers: Our guide’s name […]

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Billy and Kaki's Adventures in Oaxaca: Monte Alban and, Of Course, Food

editor’s note: Our friends Billy and Kaki, who are fellow devotees of Oaxaca, kindly agreed to fill us in on their current trip. Kaki writes: Every time I visit Oaxaca, it’s like the first time, because it´s impossible to remember how perfect the climate is, how wonderful the colors are and how friendly the people. We arrived on New Year’s Eve too late for the special Christmas Guelaguetza but early enough to be kept awake by the firecrackers, cherry bombs, […]

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Rio Lagartos Flamingos

One of my favorite places when traveling in the Yucatan was Rio Lagartos, famous for its colony of Pink Flamingos It’s been many years since we’ve visited there, (now the Ria Lagartos Biosphere Reserve), but at that time, it was wonderfully funky.  And the lagoons held the most amazing birds and wildlife. This morning, an email from Cornell Lab of Ornithology lead me to a video on the banding and release of baby flamingos in Rio Lagartos. I first saw the […]

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El Codo's Baja Cost of Traveling Update

A Mexican peso coin from 1982.

How much will it cost you to travel in Baja? In Baja, prices are similar to those found in northern mainland México along tourist corridors. A cheapest “feel-every-spring-in-the-bed” single hotel room will cost around 250 pesos ($19.00 USD). In general, groceries are more expensive than they are in the USA. Mexican staples remain inexpensive, but in tourist enclaves expect prices to be higher. In Cabo San Lucas you’ll find ten dollar hamburgers and 2-star hotel rooms priced like they’ve grown […]

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Some Favorite PG Posts by Topic

  Thanks to our Web guy, Kelly at Rain City, we recently revamped the site. This is exciting, because the site looks better and is easier to use, but the process has required me to comb through every post we’ve ever written in order to make photo/SEO updates. This can be boring, annoying and occasionally embarrassing, but it’s also been a pleasure because I’ve turned up some useful posts that I’d forgotten all about, as well as a few old […]

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Mushroom Season in the Sierras.

San Juanito, Chihuahua, Feria del Hongos 2013

While It’s Monsoon Season in the Desert, It’s Mushroom Season in the Sierras. Rain! The water of life! Dry throat-parching dust turns to luscious greasy mud. People who have been lethargic all summer come alive and start to smile. Struggling plants that look like weeds become towering corn plants with fat fuzzy ears as big as your forearm. Tenuous little blue flowers on slithering stringy vines bring forth a bonanza of beans. And underground a quiet revolution is brewing. Overnight, […]

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Copper Canyon Correspondent

Rio Batopilas bridge 2013

What’s up Down There The paved highway from the junction at Samachique to Batopilas is progressing relentlessly. It has reached the roadside capilla where the 5am bus used to stop to allow folks to give thanks coming up, or where you could climb on top of the school bus for fabulous views of siete pisos going down. That popular capilla is now in the bottom of a ravine. Rubble from the road widening project is being pushed downhill, creating talus […]

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Zacatecas! (Shhh!)


Sometimes I like to pretend that I am a 17th Century Marquise. Unlike my disreputable house in the Oregon Coast Range, Zacatecas is a good place to practice this delusion. More specifically, the Hotel Casa Santa Lucia really fosters delusions of grandeur. After two nights in cheap-ass accommodations (180 pesos and 60 pesos respectively) we decided we could afford to splurge on a little colonial luxury. Miss Louisiane lurking disreputably in front of fancy hotel. Located in downtown Zacatecas, The […]

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Slog in the Sonoran Sierras – A Feast of Thorns

As part of our long term goal of retracing the steps of the early known explorers of the Sierra Madre Occidental, we set off from a ranch near the confluence of the Yaqui and Sahuaripa rivers on an exploratory hike. We hope to hike from Sonora to Chihuahua this year, but we’re still trying to find the trailhead! Sonoran Sierra Map To scout the route, we hiked uphill from the ranch house to a panoramic vista that offered a tantalizingly […]

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