Camping Now Allowed at Tenacatita


The author at Tenacatita, circa 1981

When the gates came down at Tenacatita after almost three years of blockade, we were told that the beach was open, but no camping would be allowed. In an excellent turn of events, Jesús Julián De Niz Sánchez, the mayor of La Huerta, the municipality that has had official (if not actual) control of the federal zone since a court decision in April of 2012, met with Rebalsito ejido members to talk about their rights and limitations. Among other items, he announced that access to the beach will now be open 24 hours a day, but that campers should respect certain rules and avoid conflict with the Rodenas guards that are still patrolling the 42 hectares of disputed land. The rules sound great and quite reasonable: campers must maintain clean camps, leave the beach clean, and use portabale toilets. That I think we can manage…Now I just need to figure out how I am going to afford this winter’s trip…

In other notes on this subject, the new governor of Jalisco, Jorge Aristotoles Sandoval, and his right hand man, Arturo Zamora, both have facebook pages. Perhaps some thanks or “liking” is in order…

Tenacatita Libre!

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  1. -el codo- says:

    This is great news Churpa! A defining turn of events and fortune for Tenacatita lovers!

    I always try to look on the bright side of things. Maybe having the state police around means a virtual guarantee that Tenacatita camping will be “as safe as camping in your own living room”.

    • churpa says:

      Yes, well apparently there are two sets of guards–the private guards patrolling the Rodenas claim and then the State Police to “keep the peace.” Basically we want the state police to be there right now, which is a little weird, given the history of Tenactita…But whatever works. I’m glad there’s someone there to make sure the Rodenas group stays in line.

      • -el codo- says:

        Love to be a fly on their wall about now. Bet I could learn a bunch of brand new groserias!

  2. Fred says:

    Very, very soon I hope to go camping at Playa Tenacatita…….so I can just camp, and camp, and camp some more!
    I might snorkel some too. Then later, have some taquitos with a Baillena-Pacifico. Suave, que no?

  3. dobie says:

    Not sure if the camping is going to to be happening quite yet. The dumpster (with lids to keep flies out) is there but the baños haven’t arrived yet. This is actually a work in progress. The Rodenas guys are being problematic and Julian (president of La Huerta) wants to make sure there are no provocations from either side. Villalobos still insists the road is his, and wouldn’t allow the truck to paint the white lines on the sides of the road. They spray painted the yellow stripe with black. Next day paint truck was back, Rodenas guys had a pick up blocking the road, but this time the paint guys had an order – let us paint or the other state police will arrest you. We now have a brightly striped road.

    I heard that the governor is sending people to mark the 42 hectares and make Rodenas’ guys stay there. As I said, a work in progress…..

    Meanwhile people are enjoying the beach again – a most important first step.