Oaxaca Camping Update

Vinage image of fantastical trailer and camper

  The San Felipe Campground is closed yet again because the landowner wanted to put the property to other uses. Luckily, the camp proprietors found a new property and are opening the Oaxaca Campground, located just off the Pan American Highway near KM marker 17 east of Oaxaca. Their website is still in the rudimentary phase, but does give contact info. We look forward to checking it out. There are also limited spots potentially available at the Overlander Oasis in El […]

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Historical Image of the Week: John and Eve Muir

John Muir of Idiot's Guide fame with his wife Eve Muir, black and white photo

John and Eve Muir, original publishers of The People’s Guide to Mexico. John wrote, with Tosh Gregg, the cult classic How to Keep Your Volkswagon Alive, a Manual of Step-by-Step procedures for the Compleat Idiot. John and Eve were at the center of a creative group of friends who met each year for wild “beach parties” in Mexico. We remain an extended family. John died just before I was born, but Eve was an important person in my life. Fabulous, […]

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hippie family in van

My dad and I were not allowed to touch the van during the packing process. My mother was in charge, and we were the heavy lifters, hauling plastic tubs of spices, boxes of books, boxes of wine, tool boxes. Tina instructed us to set everything by the back doors of the van. She would crawl underneath the plywood bed, on her hands and knees, visible only by the bottoms of her sneakers. It was my job to stand waiting while […]

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Boat Insurance?

An old Mexico travel brochure with ttitle "Mexico in your own Car" and picture of church with agave.

  Just wanted to take a moment to thank our long-standing sponsors, the excellent Lewis and Lewis Insurance. We highly recommend their services for auto or boat insurance. They are old hands at Mexico and we trust them to give us the real deal. Speaking of which, to get better deals on insurance, be sure to order ahead of time instead of waiting till you get to the border. Check out the Lewis and Lewis website or their page here at […]

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Safe to Caravan Through Sinaloa?

mexico map

reader writes: Hi there, We are planning a trip as a caravan to Navidad Mx. I’ve never driven past Monchis before. I am a little uneasy with all I have herd of driving into Sinaloa. We would leave from Nogales to Navidad. Any advice? Thank you, TLG Churpa answers: I drive this route nearly every year, and have never had any problems. Don’t drive at night, use common sense, pay attention, and try not to exude an attitude of fear. […]

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A Major Victory at Tenacatita: Update


  For over twenty years, the people of Rebalsito have endured fires, rampant destruction of property, the loss of home and livelihood, threats, endless meetings, and expensive legal battles. Five years ago, armed guards hired by the Rodenas corporation wrongfully took over on of my favorite places on earth. The community has been fighting back ever since, tooth and nail.  We have endured so many setbacks. And for once, things are looking up. In a time when so much news […]

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Tenacatita Open for Camping

A picture of a child running from a hut on the coast of Mexico.

Friends at Tenacatita are currently celebrating and setting up camp!  PROFEPA (the agency that enforces rules dealing with beaches) and the Marina (the armed forces that support PROFEPA) have delivered a federal order to the Rodenas guards. The order states that the guards can not legally prevent people from using the beach road. PROFEPA has also granted our friends permission to camp at their usual spot. The Tenacatita Fund has agreed to finance the lunch that was served to the […]

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The Real Deal With the Dollar/Peso Exchange Rate

A Mexican peso coin from 1982.

With the Mexican peso over 15 to 1, the U.S. dollar purchases 18% more pesos today than it did a year and a half ago. In theory, this means a person should be able to purchase 18% more today than they did back then. In the sixties and the seventies that would have been true, but not today. Today merchants and hotel owners have cellular phones with WiFi access, and in a matter of minutes they can access the official […]

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Carl Franz and Lorena Havens Talk PG History

Rebalsito fiesta, circa early 1980s. Carl in the blue trucker hat, Lorena blonde and beautiful next to him. PG Correspondent Tina Rosa in foreground with Camera.

A great interview with Carl and Lorena, originally published at Moon Travel. Read the original here, or scroll below. 1. This is the 14th edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico and marks its 40th anniversary. Please tell us the story of how your book came to be. The People’s Guide to Mexico began on a Mexican beach in 1970 as a series of detailed letters to friends in Alaska who were eager to join up with Lorena, Steve and […]

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