Monarch Butterfly Decline


  The news is full of the problems being caused by climate change, but hearing about the decline of the Monarchs is especially disturbing to me. Although we never took the time to stop and visit the Monarch preserve in the state of Michoacan, I have always felt a kinship with these beautiful butterflies as we all headed south for the winter.  I hope there will always be Monarchs returning to Mexico, but they are now in grave danger. It’s […]

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A Good Choice for Mexican Auto Insurance?

An '87 Dodge Van in Mexico with palm trees.

Thanks once again to our faithful sponsors, Lewis and Lewis Insurance. To an answer a recurring question: yes, you do need Mexican car insurance.  Lewis and Lewis is a sponsor because we’ve had good experiences with the company. Lewis and Lewis is underwritten by Qualitas, the largest insurer of autos in Mexico. Adjusters are dispatched from Mexico City via GPS to the insured location. The response time is between 20 and 30 minutes. Here’s a few other benefits. The first […]

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When My Ship Comes In: Winter Gear Wishlist

Travel aficionado Chelsea Mcalister reclines in deluxe hammock.

While Carl is something of a hound for gadgets, I’ve always been a traditionalist. When it comes to travel gear, I tend to go or inexpensive and or classic. I’ve never ventured into the shadowy region of lightweight $400 tents and camelbacks; it seems a slippery slope for someone on my budget. However, I may be taking a turn to the dark side. Last year I reviewed The Ultimate Hang, which opened my eyes to the culture of hammock camping […]

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Acapulco Parking and Safety

Mexican Highway 200 with Mexican road sign that says "Guerrero"

  A few more Acapulco questions from a reader… 1. We’d like to stroll down the main coast in the actual bay of Acapulco to absorb the true beauty of this place. Where can you park your car? I see lots of yellow marks on the curbs along the main road and also on the side streets, but I also see cars parked there. 2. Is it safe to walk in Zocalo during daytime, visit the church and go to […]

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Should I Bribe a Mexican Cop?

Mexican police badge, DF.

editor’s note: I recently mentioned getting pulled over by cops in Acapulco. Dan wrote  wanting to know more, and I think he raises some interesting questions about bribery in modern Mexico. Dan writes: In regards to your interaction with the cops in Acapulco, a few questions: 1. Was this federal police or local police? 2. Where were you stopped, was it on the main touristy road, Costiera Miguel Aleman? 3. What did they ask from you? 4. What’s an appropriate […]

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Is Acapulco Safe?

"Mexican Federal Highway 200" by Scott Nazelrod,

A reader writes: I really enjoyed reading your guys’ book with all the practical advices about Mexico; a question: any current concerns for traveling to and around Acapulco? -Dan Churpa responds: Hi Dan, Thanks for reading. Hmmm…Acapulco. That’s a tough one. The last time I was in Acapulco was in 2013. We drove the coastal Highway 200 from Oaxaca, through Guerrero and Michoacan, and up into Sinaloa. As you may already know, Guerrero, Michoacan and Sinaloa are all considered hot […]

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Letter from a Reader: Easy Walks in Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte?

Couple stands in front of agave on hike in Oaxaca mountains.

A reader writes: I hope this is not too detailed a question, but I have not found information elsewhere so I thought I would give you a try. My husband and I are visiting Oaxaca  and had looked forward to visiting the villages and enjoying the natural beauty of the Sierra Norte for a few days. Unfortunately, my husband is recovering from a pulled muscle. He is fine to walk around, explore villages, (sit on a bench and enjoy a […]

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Mexico’s “Crown Jewel” Toll Road Opens

baluarte bridge, durango, Mex 40-D

The headline title is amped-up for a good reason – the new Mex 40-D certainly could be a contender as “The Eighth Wonder Of The World.” Carving and spanning it’s way through mountains and across deep gorges of the southern Copper Canyon, the highway is considered a marvel by engineers all over the globe. More than a hundred tunnels and bridges were necessary in its construction and the Baluarte Bridge roadway is suspended more than a quarter-mile above the canyon […]

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Best Ride from Mexico City to SMA?

First class Mexican bus.

  A reader writes: I’m flying into Mexico City August 1st and going to San Miguel de Allende. I’ve found two different ways of getting there and wondered if there might be a better one or which of the two is the best. There’s a bus from the airport to Queretero and a cab from there to SMA. Or, I could take a cab to to Central Norte Bus Station and catch a bus direct to SMA. I was also […]

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