Stop the Itch: The Secret for Treating No-see-um Bites

Photo by  Mark Gstohl

Winter months are the season for no-see-um’s, or jejenes. Jejenes love brackish water and  thrive where lagoons and streams empty into the ocean. At sundown, Jejenes start their hunt for exposed flesh. Rains and extra high tides create breeding pools, or “charcos.” Within three days there will be a large hatch of hungry Jejenes. I chicken out and flee before they hatch.  DEET plus Pennyroyal Oil is an effective deterrent. THE ITCH. Pure agony lasting several days. The single treatment […]

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Lewis and Lewis Policy

An old Mexico travel brochure with ttitle "Mexico in your own Car" and picture of church with agave.

Looking for a reputable insurance agency for your trip to Mexico? Lewis and Lewis have updated their offerings. Read more here. Lewis and Lewis are long-time sponsors of The People’s Guide to Mexico, but we endorsed their services long before establishing a more formal relationship.

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News Flash: Mexico City is Freaking Huge

1869 Lithograph of Mexico City

So we all know that Mexico City is sinking. Tony Burton of Geo Mexico reports that it’s getting particularly bad in Iztapalapa, where 10,000 homes are now at risk. In all, Mexico City has sunk 7 meters since 1891. More on that here. I’ve been thinking about The Big Enchilada lately because I’m reading The Interior Circuit, Franscisco Goldman’s memoir of learning to drive in Mexico City. So far I am finding it excellent, and I’ll write a full review […]

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Dancing with the Devil: Climbing Baja’s High Point

Picacho del Diablo

The attempt of Picacho Del Diablo is not a summit to be undertaken lightly. The map shows a 13 km trail, so you practically have to figure thirteen hours of route finding. But first, after just thirty minutes or so of hiking from the east side trailhead, you come to the most ingenious cow-excluding device known to geologic engineering. There is a little two foot waterfall into a turquoise blue pool about three feet deep. Yes, it’s only five feet, […]

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Carl’s Travel Light Packing Suggestions

An envelope says "par avion"

      Editor’s note: For additional recent musings on packing, click here. Suggested Items: o Strong, comfortable running or walking shoes, with non-skid soles o Several pairs of sock. We prefer cotton. o Two pairs of slacks (denim is too heavy) o Women: dress or skirt (easily washed and packed) o Two shirts or blouses (long- or short-sleeved but modest) o Sweater, lightweight o Jacket (lightweight) or windbreaker o Rain jacket or compact umbrella (rainy season) o T-shirt or […]

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Armchair Travel: Best of the Visual Internets

Women at Cabaret Kursal in Havana, circa 1950

    Games up. It’s official. I’ve surveyed my budget, checked it twice, counted my pennies, and gnashed my teeth. No Mexico for me this year. This will be the sixth winter in my life that I have been reduced to languishing in the Pacific Northwest. I know I shouldn’t complain. But writing and editing for a Mexico travel site is a particularly tortuous way to spend the winter when one is addicted to real travel. Since I’m not allowed […]

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In Tequila News…

experience tequila

Forbes reports that tequila could be a good choice for people who want to drink AND lose weight. The study was conducted on mice. For a minute I was excited to imagine mice wearing tiny sombreros and drinking tiny tragos of Herradura, but then the author dashed my dreams: “Agavins, derived from the agave plant that’s used to make tequila, were found in mouse studies to trigger insulin production and lower blood sugar, as well as help obese mice lose […]

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