South America on a Shoestring: Nine Tips for the Adventure Traveler

Crossing river with canoes in South American jungle. Vintage print, circa 1873.

editor’s note: I’m happy to announce a new addition to our team, New Orleans-based writer and traveler extraordinaire, Holly Devon. Initially plan your trip around which places you’d like to go, rather than what is realistic given your financial constraints. Only start budget planning once you’ve arrived in South America, and necessity will quickly mother invention. Forgo youth hostels whenever possible, and try instead to find a local willing to put you up. The friend of a friend is your […]

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From the Eye of the Hurricane

Vintage image of man in tux in hammock with a cocktail.

editor’s note: Loyal PG correspondent El Codo is hunkered down in a shack on the coast of baja, facing the worst of Hurricane Odile. Reporting live… Hurricanes are not tropical adventures where people in pith helmets sit in a fern decorated tropical bar while ceiling fans slowly revolve. “I say old sod, another gin & tonic, and you’d better mop by the door. Now as I was saying about the issue with the porters and the taboo…” The bar would […]

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Baja Hit by Worst Hurricane to Date

Faithful PG correspondent El Codo is hunkered down in a baja shack and has been sending us a play-by-play of the hurricane, which is considered the worst to hit the area in recorded history.  According to the National Hurricane Center, the hurricane hit Cabo San Lucas at 10:45 last night, with sustained gusts of 125 mph. Codo emailed us half an hour ago with this image and the following: “Looks like the Sierra la Laguna, the 7000 ft mountains north […]

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Mexico City News

Plans for Mexico City airport

Was just lurking over at Tony Burton’s always excellent Geo-Mexico, where I found two interesting pieces of Mexico City News: The Big Enchilada is annexing 5500 hectares of land to expand Benito Juárez International Airport, which is operating at near capacity. The giant spider-shaped addition will be designed by Fernando Romero, a son-in-law of Carlos Slim. Peña Nieto says the new six runway airport will cost about $9.16 billion and Forbes predicts one of Slim’s companies will get the contract […]

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Read This!

mexico y

Kudos to The New York Times for running Mark Sundeen’s excellent article Ignoring the Warnings for a Honeymoon in Mexico. Read it! I love the brisk pace, the honesty, and the way he captures the flavor of adventure in Mexico. Also this great advice pretty much sums up my theory of travel: “If my hosts turned out to be captors, my fear would do no good. And if they turned out to be friends, well then, my fear would be […]

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Should I be Worried About Dengue Fever in Mexico?

Aedes aegypti bites human.

editor’s notes: El Codo and Dobie left some great advice in the comments, so I’ve updated this post to include some info from those who have actually survived dengue. Milenio reports that Mexico may be the first country to approve a vaccination against dengue fever. In the past few years, Mexico has been taking decisive action to prevent the spread of dengue. For example, in Taumalipas the state government recently allocated 80 million pesos to combat aedes aegypti, the mosquito […]

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Cooler Breaks Kickstarter Record


So a cooler just broke Kickstarter’s record for the largest amount of money raised. So far the campaign has raised over 11 million dollars. I get it. I mean, if I had money to donate to Kickstarter campaigns, I’d definitely want to support the advancement of cooler technology, a subject near and dear to my heart. To quote the cooler’s creator, “Well, you have a built-in blender so you can have your blended drinks. It has blue tooth speakers so […]

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Hail Mexico, Full of Grace

Virgin mary with fish and seal

Hail Mexico, full of grace. Even though I’ve spent many years in this country, all told, I’m still in awe of the Mexico’s grace: the magic of small moments, the smile that redeems a weary journey; the stroke of strange luck that saves the day. Take today, for instance. I am homeward bound to Oregon, leaving the beach, leaving Mexico, which always makes me heartsick. We arrived in Melaque this morning to discover that (for some odd and no doubt […]

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Monarch Butterfly Decline


  The news is full of the problems being caused by climate change, but hearing about the decline of the Monarchs is especially disturbing to me. Although we never took the time to stop and visit the Monarch preserve in the state of Michoacan, I have always felt a kinship with these beautiful butterflies as we all headed south for the winter.  I hope there will always be Monarchs returning to Mexico, but they are now in grave danger. It’s […]

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