Awesome Photos of Motorcyle Trip Across Mexico, Circa 1981


Illustration of restaurant from vintage edition of The People's Guide to Mexico

the illustration in question


We recently received an email from a reader, who politely requested to use an original illustration from The People’s Guide to Mexico in a blog post he was writing about his 1981 motorcycle trip from Canada to Mexico. Carl wrote back and told him “sure” and asked him to send us a link to the post. I must admit that I didn’t expect to have my mind blown by an awesome trove of photographs. As some of you may have gathered, I have a soft spot for old pictures of Mexico, and these really play to my nostalgia because they capture the Mexico of my earliest memories. Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Guanajuato and plenty of familiar highway stops…Check it out!

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  1. dobie says:

    Great photos! I loved the one of the guy with the covered wagon, being pulled by 2 burros. What surprised me though was how much and how little Mexico has changed. Too bad the photographer didn’t camp out – in those days it was so easy….

  2. churpa says:

    I know, I thought the wagon was awesome as well!