A Perk of Our Evolution – Pleasure in Pain of Chilies – NYTimes.com

Some experts argue that we like chilies because they are good for us. They can help lower blood pressure, may have some antimicrobial effects, and they increase salivation, which is good if you eat a boring diet based on one bland staple crop like corn or rice. The pain of chilies can even kill other pain, a concept supported by recent research.

This might help you understand why eating chilies “hurts so good”.

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  1. El Codo says:

    I guess the author of this article is on to something. I “enjoy” biting into garlic cloves so spicy they make my eyes water, and tongue flame. Just after the fireworks subside, I’ll be darned if I don’t take another bite ¿?

    But and however, I like to rate chilies by taste way over spiciness. My neighbor grows the best serranos I have ever tasted. Another neighbor grows jalapeños so incandescent I rate them close to habanero — one sample was enough for me.

    Heaven is a plate of fresh oysters with bottled salsa from the chile arbol drizzed over them.

    Poached eggs on bolillo with salsa de chipotle rates right up there too.

    And a plate of fresh sliced haden mango smothered in Valentino salsa is delightful.